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"GPA" Lists (steps to take) and Recipes (ingredients) for Personal and Professional SUCCESS, FOR LEADERSHIP OF SELF AND OTHERS.

The Role of Change, The Changes of Roles
The Role of One's Personal Actions and Written and Spoken Word

Scripting, Directing, Starring in Your Own Life's Play:
A Life Long Learning and Action Process
For Living the Varied and Daily Marathons of Life
For Overcoming Adversity and for Achieving Personal and Professional Success

Collated and written by Peter Jessen

(An abbreviated Table of Contents was submitted to the MN Legislature)

April 1998, with additions in August and October 1999, January 2001

"Where there is no vision, the people perish…." -- Proverbs 29: 18 [ 4-98, 10&11-99]
"We are what we repeatedly do." -- Aristotle […and think and say] [1-10-01]

The key to success in any venture, personal or professional, is to understand the role of change in society (change is the only constant), to accept the reality of change, and to thus follow the appropriate personal roles to achieve the goals.

Choice is key. We choose or we choose not to choose. In each case, action is required (choice again). Each action is an act of leadership.

These "lists" and "recipes" must be written down and spoken into existence. They are key to organizing the thoughts and actions one needs to achieve goals.

1. What is your GPA? (Goals Per Action)

2. Background to these "Lists" and "Recipes"

3. LIST of the Rungs on the Ladder of Social Mobility for Success, + 2 goal worksheets

4. "To Do" Lists

& "Positive Self Talk" As "Road Maps" for Overcoming Adversity
and Achieving Personal/Professional Leadership Success through empowering self & others

5. "To Do" Lists as Daily Organizational and Leadership Habits to Meet Plans & Goals

6. Books of LISTS by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman

7. Other Books of LISTS

8. Ben Franklin's LIST OF 13 for Achieving Personal and Professional Success

9. LIST of 30 Success Principles, by Dale Carnegie

10. LIST of 17 Success Principles, by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone

11. LISTS for Goal Setting

(Ziglar, Robins, Schuller, Daniels, Stoltz, Hill) Three Goal Setting Worksheet (adapt to any of the above, or of others)

12. Personal Lists to Make

a. List for Daily/Weekly Action "To Do's" and Review (with worksheet)
b. List for "Self Talk"
c. List for Learned Optimism
d. List for raising one's Adversity Quotient
e. List reference for Criteria using the concepts by Peter Berger of a "calculus of meaning" and a "calculus of pain"
f. List of 17 strategies for controlling anger

13. Success Lists of Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Dennis Green

a. 3 D’s list [Desire (passion), Determination (pay price), Dedication (persevere)]
b. C.O.A.C.H. list (Community, Others, A?, C?, Home)
c. List of sayings from his book, No Room for Crybabies

14. List of steps to take to “Make Sound Decisions,” by Bill Walsh

15. List of 50 chapters/lessons on success from the University of Success

16. LIST of 16 Conflict Resolution/Negotiation Models

8 Micro models
8 Macro models

17. LIST of 7 Habits for Being Effective plus other Covey lists

18. LIST of Project Evaluation Questions to Ask, by Tom Peters for WOW! Projects

19. LISTS for achieving success raising your Adversity Quotient

(22 minuses & 44 positives)

20. LIST for a Reality Check:

Can I Be Successful?

21. LISTS recommended by Mary Pipher, author of Rescuing Ophelia:

Saving The Lives of Adolescent Girls

22. List of Stages In Effecting Permanent Change and The Change Process Techniques

23. List of Ten Contemporary Theses, by Carl E.W.L. Dahlstrom

24. List of Peter Berger StatementsRegarding the Social Construction and Interpretation of Social Reality and of Self

25. Peter Jessen’s Personal LIST to answer the question

"What advice do you have for young people today? (written for my HS reunion "memories" book)

26. LIST for Personal Time Management and Cooperative Team Building

27. LIST of 21 Laws of Leadership compared to Covey and others

28. LIST of possible forward movements for education

29. LIST of Other Considerations Regarding Leadership

30. LIST of educational "homework helpers" and research web sites and teacher helper sites

31. PJJ List of 10 Competitive Analysis Components of an “Ideal Type” Analytic Model

32. PJJ List of 47 Communications Models for Success

33. LISTS in the Bible

34. Spiritual/Inspirational Books with LISTS, i.e., for the discipline of daily reading

35. Additional