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21.  LISTS recommended by Mary Pipher, in Rescuing Ophelia: Saving the Lives of Adolescent Girls (See also her follow up book, The Shelter of Each Other: Rebuilding Our Families)
  1.  List:  "write down three things every day that (you) felt proud of" (p. 33, 109).
  2.  List:  daily "record and report ... victories--defined as times (you) handled frustration in a mature way" (p. 157).
  3.  List: "develop an emergency plan for those times when you're tempted to" hurt yourself, and "pull out a notebook and write [down]... every painful, angry emotion ... to get those emotions out of (your) body and onto a piece of paper" (p. 164).
  4.  List:  "think about what kind of men [women] (you) like.  What qualities would they have?  What would be their interests?  How would they treat (you)?  When dating, pull out the list and "check and recheck:  'Is this person meeting my criteria ... ?' "
  6.  List: "Encourage ... diaries/journals ... places ... can clarify, conceptualize and evaluate ... experiences, ... thoughts and feelings ...  where their point of view on the universe matters" (p.255).