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Peter L. Berger

"Reality is of course ..... until further notice."

"define formulas for a peaceful co-existence
of different religious tradiTions and Institutions within a society."

"Nothing should be taken so seriously
that it be allowed to supercede one's capacity for laughter."

----- Peter l. berger

Peter L. Berger, one of world's most respected sociologists, is also,a Lutheran and a "godder," a student of the Sociology of Knowledge, Sociology of Religion, Social Change and Social Roles, and who advocates taking the best from the historic formulas of peace in order to achieve the political management of pluralism, globally and locally, doing so by combining individuals and political components, to successfully deal with religious and secular ideologies and utopianism.

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Key Principles of Peter L. Berger: Vis a Vis Sociology of and the Sociology of Knowledge as they Relate to Social Roles, Social Stratification, Social Inequality, and Justice, Peter J. Jessen, Reader, 1993