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Peter J. Jessen, Executive Summary

Business Development, Administration and Communications Consultant, Portland, OR, 1997-Present.
Develop Organizational Strategies
for Achieving Goals through Models of Multiple Revenue Streams (see list below), Communications and PR (see list below), and Internet Use Strategies for use by professional sports teams (including marketing and mixed use development with professional sports team stadiums/arenas as anchors (see list below); college/university development, film making, and investment pools.
Provide project consulting to merchant and investment bankers to identify sources from which to raising investment funds for wind, hydro, bio-diesel and ethanol projects, including supporting administration of due diligence. Conduct confidential research and policy analysis for senior executives.
On Panel of Advisors of Shelterwood (Singapore based private equity vehicle for investments in Asia/China in the renewable/alternative energy/pollution mitigation sectors).
Seeking investors for a United Football League franchise (Los Angeles, Portland, or non-NFL city of client's choice), using the framework of Beacon on the Hill Sports Marketing, January 2011 - present.

Football Administration/Business Development, United Football League, California Redwoods/Sacramento Mountain Lions, June 1,2009 - December 31, 2010.
Reported to Head Coach/General Manager, Dennis Green, former NFL Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals.
Team Training and Season HQ: Casa Grande, Arizona, September - November 2009.
2010: Team Training and Season HQ: Sacramento, California, June - November 2010
In addition to administrative duties, developed revenue plan, including revenue generation strategies for consideration by UFL for expansion to Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR.

Revenue Generation Models:
1. 40 ways in 26 categories to generate revenues for stadiums anchoring real estate development and multi-media projects; (also see renovation approach).
Fan Plans to Build Attendance, Sustain Sellouts, Increase Revenue
30 ways singly and broken down into 11 categories of channels of distribution/profit platforms for theatrical films;
30 ways in 5 categories for colleges/universities/seminaries to develop recurring revenue streams to compliment tuition, alumni donors, and endowments)
5. Investment pools (Film, alternative energy, real estate, targets of opportunity)
6. Charitable giving (getting profits as charitable gifts from returns on films, etc., where investor get tax write off and charity gets the film's investor profits.
7. Matching projects with funding: money wanting to go to work and projects wanting to work the money.

Communications models:
47 communications models that have also been broken down further into 200
18 Conflict Resolution/Mediation/Negotiation Models
3. Communications for Personal and Professional Success

Have conducted, as requested, "Think Tank" type studies with recommendations in such areas as corporate succession, relations with government entities, state wide political campaigns, public relations compaigns, and venture capital fund raising consulting for a variety of projects including models for turning pro sports stadiums into anchors for mixed use real estate development projects containing numerous revenue generating entities so as to minimize public funding, developing business plans and marketing strategies and competitive analyses, helping develop content for cable TV programs, and assisting others in setting up independent internet marketing businesses. Delivered presentation on communications to Minnesota Vikings NFL football team at Training Camp, for Head Coach Dennis Green, 2000 and 2001.  

Taught undergraduate and graduate courses, part time, at 7 colleges and universities, 1975-1992, , and have delivered 15 guest lectures at 9 universities and colleges, including The Naval Academy, The American University, The University of Maryland, and George Washington University. Available to lead seminars and workshops and to give motivational speeches, lectures, key notes, and sermons.
Available for travel (“have lap top, will travel”) to conduct on-site research, consulting, training, working one on one and with and before groups, in both leadership position and "in the background behind the scenes" capacity, as needed.


Business Development Web Sites, 2000-Present:  Directed web designers in developing these business, communications and/or e-commerce web sites (with strategies and content as requested):  Los Angeles Stadium/Coliseum   |  Chargers Stadium   |  Fashion Focus With Marie   |  Greenlight Sports Marketing   |  Jessen Enterprises   |  Beacon on the Hill Sports Marketing   |  Beacon On The Hill Press   | The Minneapolis Story   |   Citizens For Fairness And Justice, and contributed to and  Have also developed five presention web sites, privately foldered on line.  Actual building of most of these sites, following my content, was done by Ancil Nance. To learn more about how to use a web page calling card or a web page for business development, click here

Stadium building and NFL Team Purchase, 2000 - Present: developed strategies for the purchase of an NFL team (including moving to another city), that are applicable to the NBA and other professional sports as well. Developed models for
developing professional sports stadiums as anchors ( ) for mixed use real estate development projects, (2) as web portals for team PR   ( ), and
outlining basic revenue yields and 12 methods for financing a stadium ( ) .   Example developed re the NFL:
          $100 million/year in guaranteed shared monies
           $100 million/year
in local revenues (from a Merrill Lynch Study)
           $100 million/year when a stadium (which is a giant TV studio) is used as an anchor for business development, generating media revenue streams, including film, as part of the 40 ways in 26 categories to generate sports/entertainment/shopping/commercial/condo/retail revenue. And if a teams moves, its value can double overnight, which can be leveraged by a factor of ten. The "how to's" for this are available on designated web pages on a consulting/confidential basis.
Additional examples:   sites promoting new stadiums for the L.A. Coliseum and for the San Diego stadium at the Mission Valley site. For more on stadiums, see home of this site.

Sports Stadiums/Team Operations, 2000-Present: Developed models for developing professional sports stadiums as anchors for mixed use real estate development projects (see containing numerous local revenue generating entities (40 ways in 26 categories), showing how to use a Stadium as an anchor for Mixed Use Real Estate Development Complex, showing how to use a stadium and team brand to generate great team and organization public relations using a team web portal, how to gain top attendance (ending black outs), and generating fan loyalty by instituting a Fan Plan.

Jessen Enterprises, for energy projects, 2006-Present: Consulting capabilities in the energy and utility industry were added IN 2005, through alliances with East Coast entities seeking to provide funding for renewable energy projects (wind, hydro, and bio-fuels such as bio-diesel, ethanol, waste to energy) and for emerging energy technologies. They bring in-depth knowledge, the capability to develop fully vertically integrated turn key projects, and provide access to principal capital sources for a variety of 8 to 10 figure financial transactions, including due diligence support for financial investors. They bring capital resources from the global arena through private investors, principal capital, institutional private equity and merchant banking. Between them and others, there is access, for qualified projects, to affiliate partners and leading strategic investors, and to institutional and private sources of capital and expertise. They have conducted business througout the Unted States, Europe and Asia, supported by their global and domestic economic research and investment strategies.

Film development, 2004-Present:   developed model for a virtual film studio, demonstrating how films available to shoot immediately can carry a 1:4 production cost/revenue receipts ratio.   Working with producers in Hollywood and Phoenix (who would act as prime contractors), and whohave submitted scripts to support a plan to achieve funding for films in the $3-6 milllion production range, marketing cap of $5 million, projecting profits of $25 - $50 million per picture through 25 channels of distribtion.

Sports Teams Players, 2000-2001: Have addressed players (entire team and individuals) regardng "role playing" and dealing with the media. Consulted regarding communications related to PR response models for protecting team and individual reputations, and advised regarding venture capital fund raising for a variety of projects including both stadium building and team purchasing, as well as investment pool strategies for preserving player wealth for all of the post playing time (which led to the establishing Beacon on the Hill Sports Marketing). Built partially on prior consulting work done in the 1980s on career management, "life skills", and research on personall and professional success strategies (lists/recipes for success) and "bibliotherapy" (reading lists for self mentoring or mentoring others).

Developed content for web sites and cable programs, 1999-Present: Coordinated development, content and planning for business development/marketing web sites and personal calling card web sites (which led to collaboration with Ancil Nance and his Designs for Web company), and coordination of planning for cable shows (fishing, golf, football for middle and high schoolers, and exercise video/DVD for high school girls about positive living).

Book writing/publishing, 1997-Present: Conducted research, writing, editing, publishing and marketing for individuals seeking to write to tell their stories, (which led to establishing Beacon on the Hill Press in 2002, and participating in the The Minneapolis Story, Through My Eyes, by Ron Edwards as told to Peter Jessen, and its follow up, A Seat for Everyone: The Freeom Gide that Explores a Vision for Ameria. Additional manuscripts under consideration.

Large scale developments:   Developed content format for a Phase II Proposal for Mall of America, "HyperPort," 1998-99. Developed outline of plans for New Towns in Indiana and Saudi Arabia in the 1970s.

Developed “success strategies” for both individuals and organizations, stressing the “gpa” concept (goals per action), regarding evaluating one’s personal or institutional action ratio in terms of whether actions are focused on meeting goals, putting first things first, and generating revenue and profits (which led to establishing www.Peter
Conducted confidential "Think Tank" studies with recommendations in such areas as communications and public relations campaigns, business development/planning, new ways to generate revenue, competitive analyses, developing business plans and marketing strategies.public policy, inner city development, political campaigns, and relations with government entities. Developed international competitive analysis model for Wam!Net.
Available for travel (“have lap top, will travel”), conducting on-site research, consulting, training, working one on one and with and before groups, in both leadership position and "in the background behind the scenes" capacity, as needed. etc.

Additional Details
Beacon on the Hill Sports Marketing: founded the company in 2004, setting it up to provide consulting services to the professional sports industry regarding business development in the areas of (1) team purchase and operations; (2) stadium building and financing (including focussing stadiums as anchors for mixed use real estate development projects); (3) fan plans for building and sustaining attendance and team loyalty, (4) generating significantly more local revenues through “40 Revenue Streams in 26 (mostly local) Categories;” (5) “smart growth strategies,” (6) PR, web portal and communications strategies, (7) working with athletes (team as a whole and individually) regarding how to deal with the media, fans, and play the appropriate "role" on and off the playing field/court, (8) PR response models for protecting team and individual reputations, and (9) community interaction and conflict resolution model, using (10) the "Master Mind" Brain Trust Consulting Approach.

Beacon On The Hill Press: founded the company in 2002 to research, write books and provide publishing services to individuals, companies, and agencies wanting to tell their individual or corporate/institutional stories or present their points of view.
The Minneapolis Story, Through My Eyes, by Ron Edwards" as Told to Peter Jessen", October 2002. Developed, co-authored, published.
A Seat For Everyone: The Freedom Guide that Explores a Vision for America, 2008 (a follow-up to The Minneapolis Story).
The Minneapolis Story web site, 2003, Editor/web master for (1) "The Minneapolis Story Continued" columns, (2) "Tracking the Gaps" blog. And co-author of Solutions section.
A Father's Odyssey: 75 Marathons in 75 Consecutive Days, Co-author, 2009 (first draft in 1997).
My Run, an inspirational documentary film adaptation of "A Father's Odyssey", winner of multiple awards winning, by Tim VandeSteeg of Indiewood Pictures.
Beacon will (1) interview and draft book or re-write/expand/edit rough draft of client's manuscript; (2) travel to or with client to make recordings and review manuscript drafts; (3) handle cover designs, proof reading, getting ISBN numbers and getting book onto on-line sellers like, (4) print (traditional or “on demand”), (5) develop internet site for book with e-commerce capability; (6) develop PR and promotional materials, (7) assist in finding publisher and distributor if go beyond “print on demand” process.
Manuscripts currently being edited, with funding (investors or grants) being sought for their completion:
----- Community vs. Bureaucratic Planning for inner city education, jobs, and housing, the 3rd book in the Minneapolis Story series, based on Minneapolis Story Solution Papers.
----- The How's and Why's of Career Management and Survival: A Mentoring as well as Self-Mentoring/Coaching Manual and Workbook
, 6th update of Manhattan Manual of 1986.
----- Spiritual Toolbox: Spiritual Practices To Equip Saints/Sinners for Living, update of material originally developed for Lutheran confirmands in 2000.
----- Justice and Civil Rights, Liberty and Freedom in Theory and Practice, based on Class Readers prepared for college classes taught in the 1990s.
----- Neighborhood Economic Development and Community Sustainability, based on dissertation studies of the 1970s.
----- The Overarching Umbrella of Globalization and the Spirit of Capitalism: Current Evolutionary Position and Status in the 21st Century of Four 20th Century Models of Development (West, USSR, China, East Asia, and The Underlying Impact on Them of Ideology and Religion, the 4th in The Minneapolis Story series, utilizing the framework of analysis of Peter Berger utilized in The Minneapolis Story, as found in The Minneapolis Story books and solution papers.

Content Development for Business Web Sites: Developed business/communications strategies and content for Beacon On The Hill Sports Marketing | Los Angeles Stadium/Coliseum | Chargers Stadium | The Minneapolis Story | Citizens For Fairness And Justice | Beacon On The Hill Press | Vikings Stadium, and others, as noted on this page. Developed five presention web sites, privatel foldered on line. Have also developed the rationale, structure, and outline for turning web sites into web portals. Have also developed five proposal presentation web sites, privately foldered on line as confidential business proposals online for multiple access. The actual building of most of these sites following content developement was done by Ancil Nance of Designs for Web. To learn more about how to use a web page calling card or a web page for business development, click here. 2000-Present.

Dennis Green Sports Marketing: consulted in the area of sports communications and Web site content regarding proposals and strategic and operational planning for projects related to sports and sports marketing and team revenue generation and fan plans. Helped develop potential cable show on fishing across America and coordinated shooting of several episodes, periodically. 2000 - Present.

"How to" for profesional athletes for communicating/role playing successfully with media and fans, for The Minnesota Vikings and their Head Coach, Dennis Green: developed and made presentations to the players at their 2000 and 2001 Training Camps, Mankato State University, Mankato, MN; also developed corporate communication models and team PR materials, as well as materials for the web site of Coach Green, Mankato and Eden Prairie, MN. 2000-2001.

Developed “SUCCESS WITH STADIUMS” models and placed them on Peter (1) developed the content of various stadium related web sites; (2) developed a model for how to finance and build an NFL or MLB or university stadium with little or no tax dollars, which would add $200 million value to any professional team, including a strategic plan for 8 ways to finance a stadium, an operations plan including 40 ways to generate revenue in 26 categories; (3) developed a full internal and external communications strategy. Judged as a model all pro teams should use; (4) contributed to planning for using it as a PR focus for generating public support for any desired new stadium for little or no new tax dollars; (5) Developed a plan for developing an investment pool strategy to ensure that millionaire players stay millionaires even through retirement through a 12-part investment compensation player plan; (6) Developed a model and business outline for an exercise video/DVD about positive living for girls and one for boys. 1999 - 2001.

The Heroes & Dreams Foundation (see, Minneapolis, MN: (1) Contributed content for business outline; package for investors and product programs; (2) researched/ targeted potential sponsors to approach for four levels of sponsorship ($1, 5, 10 and $20 million), (3) contributed to the strategy for doing so and drafted scripts for presentation to potential sponsors; and (4) developed first draft of book on the founder’s story, Driven: The Story of 5 Million Steps, including two appendices dealing with conflict resolution models for resolving school problems and "recipes" for personal and professional success. 1997-2001.
Wam!Net, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, for their international division serving Europe and Asia. Developed an "Ideal-type" structure for an "Analytic Model" of "10 Competitive Analysis Components," and then applied them both internally and to a major competitor. Title and sub-titles: "Through the Looking Glass Portal Into The Telecosm: The Roles of Portal Navigation In the Sinking or Sailing of Any Titanic Company. To Compete, Partner, or Acquire? That is the Question! … A Discussion of the Role of Change and how the Change of Roles In Differentiating from the Competition As Heavy and Slow Change and Service Sinks The Iron Titanic, and Flexible, Rapid Change and Caring Service Sails the Fiber Optic Titanic," is an international Internet firm providing Biz2Biz service (with a cap once of $600 million), serving the publishing, printing, advertising, entertainment and related media industries worldwide, linking three world-wide networks through 30 global distribution hubs, serving nearly 16,000 corporate end users worldwide]. August – October 2000.
Net and, Minneapolis, MN: (1) Contributed to the content of these sites; (2) Developed a model for how to finance and build an NFL or MLB or university stadium with little or no tax dollars, which would add $200 million value to any professional team, including a strategic plan for 8 ways to finance a stadium, an operations plan including 40 ways to generate revenue in 26 categories, a player 12-part investment compensation plan, and a full internal and external communications strategy. Judged as a model all pro teams should use. (3) Contributed to planning for using it as a PR focus for generating public support for the desired new stadium. (4) Developed a plan for developing an investment pool strategy to ensure that millionaire players stay millionaires even through retirement. (5) Developed a model and business outline for an exercise video/DVD about positive living for girls and one for boys using team wives, daughters, and cheer leaders. 1999-2002.
For Sandy Stephens: Developed communications strategies for Sandy's autobiography, “Head Unbowed: The Sandy Stephens Story,” including the book outline, business plan outline and communications strategies for the book and follow-up film, Web page, speaking tour, and more. Sandy was the first Black All American Quarterback (1961). He led the University of Minnesota to its only National Championship (1960) and the University's only Rose Bowl victory (1962), the game's MVP, and the only Minnesotan in the Rose Bowl's Hall of Fame, Minneapolis, MN, 1999-2000, until his untimely death in May 2000.
HyperPort International, Minneapolis, MN: for Phase II of Mall of America in Bloomington, MN: Developed business development content outline for this $1.3 billion project, providing (1) a methodology for identifying and selecting, acquiring and involving, content providers, sponsors, data providers, and investors, (2) a methodology for how to qualify them for participation in the development of this international showcase to display new technology and train people how to use it, (3) recommendations for how to use information companies and agencies for communications and for developing E-commerce, both physical and virtual (Internet) space, and (4) outlines for various activities to meet needs to provide content for entertainment, tourism, discovery learning/edutainment, distance learning, space exploration spin-off businesses, and high-tech business solutions. 1998-1999.
EdView, Inc., Minneapolis, MN: (1) On Educational Advisory Board of this private sector Internet company which compiled sites for elementary, middle, and high schools.
(2) Consulted regarding approach to and statements to use by the 21 national educational associations endorsing EdView. (3) Brokered educational software licensing agreement between EdView and a Taiwan Co. EdView was sold to Apple Computer. 1997-1998.
The Children Are Forever Foundation. Minneapolis, MN: (1) Served as business development consultant and writer. Developed communications, endorsements, and business outline for business development expansion plans. (2) Developed founder’s book, “Driven: The Story of 5 Million Steps,” about his MegaMarathon in 1996, and shorter pieces for other publications (this was a predecessor effort to the Heroes & Dreams Foundation noted above). 1996-1998.
Aqua Technologies, an Orangeville, Illinois company developing an experimental Walleye fish farm: developed its expansion Business Plan, 1993.
Toro, Inc.: Riverside, CA: Irrigation, Division, developed communications and management re-structuring strategies; delivered outplacement services. Summer 1992.

Selected publications and papers from Business Development Consulting, 1996-2003
"Positioning for Top and Bottom Line Success: A Model for Corporate Competitive Analysis: 10 "Ideal Type" Analysis Components for Use as a Standard for Comparison,” a competitive analysis model, November 20, 2000 (adapted from a paper of 10-30-00).
"Communications Strategy Play Book and Game Plan for Increasing Corporate and Individual Influence Over Events and Perceptions," a generic communications strategy consulting approach that includes a base line of 50 Models of Communications Strategies (in one version, 200 in a second version) on which to build/develop a new strategic approach for modifying/changing an existing one, July 2000 and July 2001.
"Postscript on the Columbine Tragedy: From Pessimism to Possibilities: Solving the "Rubik's Cube" of Teenagers and Education," June 2000. An abridged version will appear as an appendix to Driven, A Story of 5 Million Steps (completed in 1998, to be published in 2005).
"18 Models for Conflict Resolution," including 9 macro models (nation to nation, national institutions) and 9 micro models (face-to-face), first developed as 5 total in 1998, and expanded to 5 +5 in June 2000, to 7 + 7 in May 2001 and to 9 + 9 in 2003.
"Lists and Recipes for Personal and Professional Success," April 1998. An abridged version will appear as an appendix to “Driven, A Story of 5 Million Steps, completed in August 1999 and to be published in 2005.
"The Science & Art of Sales Networking: The Routines and Rituals of Sound Bites and Sound Offs," The Sales Networking and Leads Group, Progress Downs Golf Course, Beaverton, Oregon, March 6, 1996.
3 papers written on the Internet Revolution as it relates to Education and Distant Learning, 1997-1998.

Jessen Associates, Inc., 9 West 57th St., 46th floor, NYC
Jessen Career Change Centers, Inc., 271 Madison Avenue, 21st floor, NYC
Executive Employment Services, Inc., McLean, VA.
* Consulted to individual executives and to client companies. Corporate clients included Walt Disney Productions, Tambrands, AMAX Specialty Metals Company, and Young and Rubicam.
*Developed an Outplacement training manual, which was used by five OP companies.
*Selected as a keynote speaker for a careers conference in NYC, sponsored by AT&T and Ford Motor Company (but was unable to present). Other presentations were made before corporate and government groups in New York and Washington, D.C.
*Selected as columnist for the magazine of the National Association of Female Executives, with the plan of using the proposed series of articles as a premium for new NAFE members.

Consulted to development project for the entire East end of Puerto Rico: residential, educational, and destination vacation resort, Fall 1974.
Developed proposal for New Town for Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Planning, based on plan for Cummins Engine in Indiana, in 1974.
Developed proposal to Cummins Engine, in Indiana, for consortium of eight companies to develop and build a new town targeted for employees of Cummins Engine, 1973.
Held discussions with Walt Disney Company, and made a series of proposals, including how to turn EPCOT into a "new town" or develop a new on the Disneyworld property, per the original Walt Disney Plan, as well as made proposals for additional theme areas, education research centers and scholar institutes, and other property developments, 1973-79.
Director, Policy Analysis Division, Data Solutions Corporation, McLean, VA: conducted policy management- development-implementation-evaluation for major contracts with the U.S. Navy, 1978-1981.
Produced and directed a TV program for use in the schools regarding drug use and abuse for Congressman Henry Reuss, Milwaukee, Wis. 1973.
Developed research for legislation dealing with neighborhood developmentDeveloped research for legislation dealing with neighborhood development for the office of Senator Mark Hatfield, Oregon, 1972.
Conducted Research and Policy Analysis for Three U.S. National Commissions (1) National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, 1971-72; (2) National Commission on UNESCO, 1972, and (3) National Commission on Neighborhoods, 1978-79.
For the Smithsonian Institution: Coordinated and edited papers for the International Symposium on Culture Change and major exhibit on drug use and abuse, including meetings at the White House and at the NIMH (National Institutes for Mental Health), 1970.
Doctoral work in Sociology at Rutgers University, 1971—1983 (1975-78 on campus). M.A. Ph.D. Dissertation completed. Awaits the making of style changes and final approval.

For The Rouse Company, Columbia, MD: community planning (plan for community meeting facility inside Frank Gehry designed corporate HQ building and plan for youth managed mini-shopping center inside major downtown center). Developed client target lists for TRC Urban Planning Consulting division and model for developing mobile home housing parks.
For the Lutheran Church in America, NY, NY, developed a proposed distance-learning program for their seminaries using closed circuit television, 1969.
The U.S. ARMY: drafted, commissioned, and honorably discharged.   Held highest leadership position for each training phase (Basic Training, Advanced Infantry Training, and Infantry Officer Candidate School).   Served on the General Staff of US Continental Army Command, Ft. Monroe, VA.   Developed three national Army conferences (on GED education, safety, and EEO/morale and welfare), 1966-1969.

Additional Background of Peter J. Jessen
Conducted two eight week long courses on Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Families,” St. Luke Lutheran Church, 1998, 1999.
Compiled and annotated Success Models, 60 pages, written during the mid-1990s, including entrees from the personal success, personal growth and self-improvement literature. Summary is at
Taught part time at 7 colleges and universities, 1975-1992. Courses taught include strategic planning, at a graduate business school; Human Services Planning and Administration at both graduate and undergraduate levels, and, at the undergraduate level: Strategic Planning; American Minorities; Social Inequality and Social Stratification; Social Psychology; Social Movements, and Senior Seminar on Theory: "Special Topics in Sociology and Anthropology."
Compiled and edited 8 readers, 1989-91, for college classes taught, including writing 22 papers for them.
Delivered 15 guest lectures at 9 universities and colleges, including The Naval Academy, The American University, The University of Maryland, and George Washington University.
Delivered keynote presentations for regional and national conferences, including a Commencement Address for the Joint ROTC of Gustavus Adolphus College and Mankato State University.
Conducted leadership training/motivation presentations in school classes and for middle school and high school student councils.
Arranged middle and high school assemblies on violence and on drinking/driving.
Taught confirmation classes to 7th and 8th graders, 1992-2000. Developed a "Spiritual Tool Box" manual for use in students "equipping" themselves for "living" in the world, based on leading contemporary success writers and Biblical truths for living, 1999-2000.
"Hands are for helping, not hurting" presentations at joint sessions between a Lutheran church and its neighboring Roman Catholic Church next door, before both youth and adults, as part of the Silent Witness On Domestic Violence Project, 1999 and 2000.
"Comments and Proposals for Collaborative Solutions Regarding 'The Economics of Racism'," at the Economics of Racism Forum, Metropolitan Council, at Earle Brown Continuing Education Center, St. Paul Campus, University of Minnesota, December 9, 1992 (edited with Appendix, December 16, 1992).

In depth presentations on the works of:
Peter L. Berger, sociologist, author of many books, on a wide range of topics, including roles, social change, the sociology of knowledge, modernity, "mediating structures," capitalism/democracy, development in less developed countries.
Hernando de Soto, economist from Peru, explaining why the lack of property rights and lack of wide spread ownership prevents capitalism from working in former Communist and developing countries (The Mystery of Capital) as they have over $9 trillion in “dead” (unused) capital. This resonates with C.K. Prahalad, Indian author of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, regarding how poverty can be eradicated through markets. Both book provide conceptual blueprints for redeveloping and relieving poverty in America’s inner cities.
Stephen Covey: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families
Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People
Benjamin Franklin's 13 areas for self-improvement, from his Autobiography
Napoleon Hill on success and wealth buildling, from his Think and Grow Rich and, with W. Clement Stone, Success Throuh a Positive mental Atttude.
Robert DuPont: The Selfish Brain: Learning from Addiction and "10 Practical Ways to Drug-Proof Your Child"
Mary Pipher: Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls and The Shelter of Each Other: Rebuilding Our Families

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