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Job Hunting Boot Camp

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Job Hunting & Career Changing — The Job Hunting Manual

The How’s and Why’s of Career Survival
A Career Management and Job Search
Campaign Manual and Workbook


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A Systematic Program and Training Course for Life-Long Career Management of Personal and Marketplace Perceptions and Realities, Providing Effective Strategies, Scripts, and Insights for Accurate Marketplace Positioning, Effective Self-Marketing and Networking, Winning Self-Presentations, and Life-Long Learning and Career Planning, for Executives, Managers, and Professionals in Today's Highly Competitive, High Technology/International Marketplace

Users of this manual have called it "the bible" of job hunting and career management.


Follow it in order to achieve your career goal more quickly and satisfactorily!

  1. A Word of Welcome
  2. Controlling Your Campaign
  3. The Context of Your Campaign: Developing Routines for Conducting Your Campaign and for Turning Job Hunting into Job Holding
  4. Performance of the Job Hunter's Role: The Job Hunter as Diversified Trojan Horse
  5. The Five Audiences Before Whom You Must Perform: Targeting Them by Identifying and Seizing the Marketplace
  6. Researching Your Five Audiences
  7. Imaging
  8. Marketing Plan
  9. Tracking Your Campaign
  10. Campaign Communications Strategies and the PSR: Fitting the Tools, Scripting the Scenes, Telling the Stories, and Writing Your Letters
  11. Product Definition
  12. Resume: Developing Your Calling Card
  13. Written Communications: Letters, Correspondence
  14. Networking: "The 5 Step" for Obtaining Advice and Referrals: Marketing Yourself Through Chain Reaction Lead Generation
  15. Telephone Techniques Getting Through: The Telemarketing of Self: Focussing on the Invisible Verbal Vocals
  16. Recruiter ("Head Hunters") Interviewing: Convincing "Distributors" to Market You
  17. Ads: Answering Them More Efficiently and Effectively
  18. Interviewing: "The Four Step," for Meeting with Decision Makers for Actual Positions
  19. Concluding the Campaign: Negotiating Terms and Conditions
  20. 1st 90 Days on the New Job: New Position, Critical Beginnings
  21. Bibliography
  22. Final Sign Off and Response

Download the full PDF