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Elevator Pitch — DEFINe THE "PRODUCT" BEING SOLD: You!

This statement is to “hook” your listener, set the parameters of your networking and of yhour job interviews, and whet their appetite for more.  It enable you to set the framework for answering such questions as  "who are you?"  "what are you?",  "why are you?", "how did you get this far?", and "where do you go from hear?",  all of which are summarized in the most often asked opening question of all:  "tell me a little bit about yourself".    

Draft a statement about yourself for your product definition.  You must have a “product definition.”

Your resume is written for the eye.  This statement is for the ear, and must demonstrate your ability to solve problems, make money, save money.  You can use the R of the PSRs, but R only.

Example of outlining your qualifiations:

“I am a ________________ with a background / reputation in / for being ___________________.  I am

able to _________________ ,which I demonstrated at I_____________________.  I am also known for / I

have also demonstrated my skills and expertise in __________________ by ___________________________________________........(others as required in each person’s situation).

Alternate example:  I am currently a _______________ working for __________________ and am

exploring a move into __________________ (or exploring a career change from _____________ to


Don't forget, you must end your statement with a question, such as these trial closes:

                  How would a person with my background and experience fit into your company?

                  What needs to you have for a person with my background and experience?

                  Are these the kind of qualifications and background you are looking for?

                  What are your current, near-term, and long-term needs?

                  What kind of executives with what kind of experience are you looking for?

These are trial closes based on your qualifications, not you personally.  Alternative questions:  "How would a person like me fit in?" or "How do you see me fitting into your company?", etc.

What do you want to be in 5 years (or any future period)?

A literal answer to this question is not really true, because there are always changes and we change and we change our minds.   The future is empirically not available.    To literally and directly answer this question is to put on notice not only the person holding the position you speak of wanting but all of those seeking it.  You will now become the new person for them all to beat and possibly to sabotage.    Thus the answer to this and any like question like it is always the same:     "I want to go as far and as fast as I can, given my abilities, on a career basis."