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The Web Calling Card is your way to communicate with the rest of the world via the Internet. If you are reading this you know about the Internet, and now is time to put your business, your art, your writing, your ideas for exchange, all of this and more, on a Web Calling Card. We can build your Card, load it to your ISP and maintain it with new information. Samples of designs we have done are at

Any person involved in a business needs a Web Calling Card to let the world know what you have to offer in product and service.

Are you about to retire? Want to stay in contact with friends and relatives? Need a forum for your ideas? Use the Web Calling Card to help your attain your goals.

Artists and photographers can have an instant portfolio on their Web Calling Card to leave with an art buyer any where in the world.

For more information contact Peter Jessen or Ancil Nance via email and then a personal phone call and perhaps a meeting. Ancil is the Web designer for this site you are on, However, it has lots of words. Others sites need pictures, movement, shopping carts. We can do it all. Both Peter and Otis use Ancil as their Web designer of choice for people wishing to develop their own Web page. You may have a design idea of your own, or after looking at you will know more of the possibilities. We are not limited to Portland and the Twin Cities, as Email and the Internet make communication immediate. Start your site and refer friends to us to get started on the 21st century calling card of choice.