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Job Hunting Boot Camp

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5-step Networking script for obtaining leads and referrals

The Interview Practice Format (for both 5-Step and 4-Step)

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The 5-Step Referral Interview

         STEP 1:  Give your contact your resume for critique:

                  To friends and acquaintances:  As you hand them your resume, say:  "I have been working on
                  my resume and would appreciate your comments on it."

                  To drop-ins and when cold calling  (after introducing yourself and obtaining his/her name): 
                  Hold your resume prominently in view and say:  "I'm thinking of sending my resume to your
                  company (firm/organization) and I'm not sure I've put in everything your company would want
                  to see."  If they don't ask for it, then hand it to them and say:  "This is my resume.  I would
                  appreciate your comments on it."

         STEP 2:  Ask his/her opinion of your resume:  "What do you think of it?"  "How would you improve on it?"

         STEP 3:  Agree with what he/she says; make good listening noises.  Do not defend your resume.

         STEP 4:  Get a referral:  "If you were me, to whom would you show this?"

         STEP 5:  Get information about the person(s) to whom you have been referred:

                  "What is the best way of contacting                                                                                                       ?"

                  "What else can you tell me about                                                                                                            ?"

         Review Section 14 for an in-depth explanation of the 5-Step, and see Section 14.5 on categories of people to 5-Step.

Your campaign really boils down to five things:
          1.     You have to get two truths across in such a way that nothing you say denies these two truths:
                        a.     "Truth" #1:  you are qualified for the position(s) you seek, technically and managerially/administratively
                        b.     "Truth" #2:  you belong, you will fit in nicely, both professionally and personally.

          2.     You have to be able to substantiate anything asked of you with a story (a "PSR", as outlined in Section 18), regardless of whether you are asked about your past, about how would solve a problem, an objection is raised of some kind, or whatever.  True stories always beat out laundry lists of attributes or adjectives.

          3.     You have to be able to establish the linkage necessary to keep the chain reaction of networking going, without, on your part, ever pre-qualifying any lead or suggestion.

          4.     You have to be able to elicit in an interview either a satisfactory offer and compensation package, or else a referral, either inside or outside that company.

          5.     You must learn the appropriate role/costume/scripts/performance for each job hunting/job search/ career change stage on which you find yourself, be it in person, over the phone, or in writing.