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Job Hunting Boot Camp

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Agenda Examples for Job Hunting Veterans

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  • It is a "mastermind" group boot camp to learn, brainstorm, and practice the basics of job hunting and career changing:  job hunting campaign structure (including resumes and cover letters), personal “elevator” speech (what you are selling as a professional), networking (in person, on the phone, letters, email), Interviewing (including negotiating), how to approach the five audiences (employers, network, want-ads, recruiters, referrals of the first four), and working within the context of the value added you bring to your campaign:  military training and service.
  • Most of the job-hunting materials will be on line for easy access and use. 
  • Networking and interviewing will be practiced each week with feedback.
  • Open to Veterans and their job hunting friends in the wider community.
  • Spouses of job hunters are welcome also.
  • Key to the success of job hunting campaigns is weekly practice, reinforcement, The “basics” apply to all who seek career change (new job or promotion or self employment), whether young or old, unemployed or underemployed, part time employed seeking fulltime, facing lay offs or downsizing, struggling to make ends meet, returning veterans or returning to the job market after time away, transitioning to a new job or career, and/or wanting to hang up your own shingle or begin a start up.
  • Key to the success of job hunting campaigns is weekly practice, reinforcement, Attendees will learn how to develop a personal marketing of self campaign, how to uncover/research job leads in the five categories of employers, want-ads, recruiters, networking, and referrals from the first four), how to develop a winning resume and winning cover letters/emails, as well as learn (and practice/polish each week) "The Presentation of Self" strategies for Networking, Interviewing, and Negotiating in person, in writing and on the phone.
  • Key to the success of job hunting campaigns is weekly practice, reinforcement, and frequent feedback regarding your networking and interviewing, doing so with others also developing and implementing a job hunting/career change campaigns.
  • This is not a support group (St. Luke offers a wide variety of support groups to connect with others and be served support.  This is a boot camp.