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ApPlication of Peter Berger

Key Principles of Peter L. Berger: Vis a Vis Sociology of and the Sociology of Knowledge as they Relate to Social Roles, Social Stratification, Social Inequality, and Justice, Peter J. Jessen, Reader, 1993

Seeking a “Middle Ground” using both “experts” and non-“expert” citizens in the neighborhoods

Excerpts from Solution Paper 45a:  PLANNING”: UPDATED/EXPANDED:  For The Positive Future Possibilities Of Minnesota, for Minneapolis in General and the African American community in Minneapolis in particular, May 25, 2011.

PLANNING”: UPDATED/EXPANDED: For The Positive Future Possibilities Of Minnesota, for Minneapolis in General and the African American community in particular. March 31, 2011;There are obviously three approaches to planning:  (1)  those who believe it should be in the hands of the experts, (2) those who believe it should be in the hands of individual communities at the neighborhood level, and (3) those who believe a “middle ground” needs to be found where both can contribute but not at the exclusion of the other.  We fall into this third category.  It is not the attempts at planning that we have protested but the results they seem to promote which seem contrary to the well being of Blacks, especially of North Minneapolis.

We don’t expect either end of the political spectrum to convert the other, but we do expect, as our community’s survival depends upon it, to find the common ground where the circles of either end overlap and work there to plan the steps needed to solve the problems and needs in the areas of education, jobs, and housing.