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35.  Additional books WITH lists and from which you can CUSTOMIZE YOUR own personal LISTS

Make lists for any setting/environment/group/organization, whether for professional reasons (business, private or public sector organizations) or personal (self, families [couples, singles, blended[, for Joy Producing, Relationship Enhancement, Building Solidarity between couples and harmony between parents and kids and between siblings (without success at home, its more difficult to achieve success outside the home):

a.   How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie 
b.   Man's Search for Meaning, Victor E. Frankl 
c.    If It's Going to Be It's Up To Me: The Eight Proven Principles of Possibility Thinking, Robert H. Schuller 
d.   Taking Responsibility: self-reliance and the Accountable Life. Nathaniel Branden 
e.   Power Thoughts:  Achieve Your True Potential Through Power Thinking, Robert H. Schuller
f.   Marriage Savers: Helping Your Friends and Family Stay Married, Michael J. McManus (note: 90% of couples in troubled marriages, including those having already filed for divorce, are able to patch things together and go on OK after following this program).
g.   Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts:  Seven Questions to Ask Before (And After You Marry), Dr. Les Parrott III & Dr. Leslie Parrott.
h.   Og Mandino's Great Trilogy, printed in one volume:
(1)    The Greatest Salesman in the World:  Transform you life, find fulfillment and gain priceless wisdom from the ten ancient scrolls
(2)    The Greatest Secret in the World:  Create your success diary with the ancient scrolls from The Greatest Salesman in the World
(3)    The Greatest Miracle in the World:  Achieve your greatest potential and discover the key to lasting happiness with the inspiring God Memorandum
i.  Og Mandino, Og Mandino's University of Success, a complete course on how to succeed taught by 50 world renowned self-help experts
j. Sang H. Kim, 1,001 Ways to MOTIVATE Yourself and Others
k.    Everything You've Heard is Wrong:  There's a Better Way to Win in
Business & Life,Tony Campolo
l.  The Shelter of Each Other: Rebuilding Our Families, Mary Pipher
m.  Rescuing Ophelia: Saving the Lives of Adolescent Girls, Mary Pipher
n.   Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness, Jon Kabat-Zinn
o.   Changing for Good: The Revolutionary Program That Explains the Six Stages of Change and Teaches You How to Free Yourself from Bad Habits, James O. Prochaska, John C. Norcross, and Carlo C. DiClemente
p.   The Confidence Course: Seven Steps to Fulfillment: The Most Important Class You Never Took in School, Walter Anderson
q.   The Power Behind Positive Thinking: Unlocking Your Spiritual Potential, Eric Fellman  
r. The Pleasure Prescription: To Love, to Work, to Play--Life in the Balance, Paul Pearsall
s.    Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting, by Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn
t. The Intentional Family: How to Build Family Ties in Our Modern World, by William J. Doherty, which Mary Pipher calls "A home improvement manual for the modern family"
u.   Secrets of Strong Families, by Nick Stinnett and John DeFrain
v.   Generation to Generation, by Edwin Friedman, and
w.   Another Country:  Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders (dealing with the aged), by Mary Pipher.
x.   Divorce Busting: A step by step approach to making your marriage loving again, Michele Weiner-Davis 
y.   The Case Against Divorce: Discover the lures, the lies, and the emotional traps of divorce -- plus the 7 vital reasons to stay together, Diane Medved  
z.   Life Without Father: Compelling New Evidence That Fatherhood and Marriage are Indispensable for The Good of Children and Society, David Popenoe  
aa. Discerning the Laws of Life, John Marks Templeton
bb. The Most Important Things I Know: Life Lessons from Colin Powell, Stephen Covey, Maya Angelou and Over 75 Other Eminent Individuals, compiled by Lorne A. Adrain
cc.  Dare to Soar: Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude, Byrd Baggett, Successories
dd. Great Little Book on Personal Achievement, by Brian Tracy
ee. Great Quotes from Zig Ziglar, Zig Ziglar
ff.   God's Minute III: 365 Daily Affirmations for Positive Prayer, Robert H. Schuller
gg. The Ten Challenges: Spiritual Lessons from the Ten Commandments for Creating Meaning, Growth, and Richness Every Day of Your Life, Leonard Felder
hh. Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People: Living the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Every Day, Stephen R. Covey