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28.  LIST of Possible Forward Movements for Education
Bernard Avishai, "What Does Business Owe Society" ( html):
  1.  20 years ago:  college graduates earned 43% than high school graduates; today:  82% more.
  2.  Goal:  to make graduates capable of work, qualified for being recruited.  Means new, higher standards.
  3.  See taxes for education as an investment pool not a redistributive levy on profits (see China & Singapore)
  4.  "Schools are often surprised to learn that what businesses really want are not one-dimensional technocrats, but graduates with a rounded understanding of classic texts, students who know how to argue and listen, students who know foreign languages."
  5.  Is it possible that what most conventional educators mean by the evaporation of their students' self-discipline is that, given the experience of television, students no longer have the capacity to be bored to death?