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10.  LIST of 17 Success Principles of Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone
At the invitation W. Clement Stone, founder of Combined Insurance Company of America and founder of the Success Institute, Napoleon Hill came out of retirement.  Stone read Hill's book when it was given to him by a friend right after it was published in 1937, and used it to lead his company and sales force to tremendous success.  He met Hill in 1951.  They founded Success Unlimited magazine, later called Success Magazine.  They also collaborated on a book, in 1960, called Success Through Positive Mental Attitude.  They devote a chapter to each of their 17 success principles:

1.  A Positive Mental Attitude

10.  Enthusiasm

2.  Definiteness of purpose

11.  Controlled attention

3.  Going the Extra Mile

12.  Teamwork

4.  Accurate thinking

13.  Learning from defeat

5.  Self-discipline

14.  Creative vision

6.  The master mind

15.  Budgeting time and money

7.  Applied faith

16.  Maintaining sound physical and mental

8.  A pleasing personality

17.  Using cosmic habit force

9.  Personal initiative