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30.  LIST of educational "homework helpers" & research web sites & teacher helper sites 

Compiled by Peter J. Jessen
Began in Fall 1997
Organized as below:  9-14-99)
Last updated: 3-28-01

Whither schooling?  How to merge the physical (school buildings, classrooms, etc.) with the virtual (Internet, satellite, closed circuit)?  The Internet can be a great help to students, parents, and educators alike: tutorials, conducting research, research results, any information/news/opinion/etc, class web pages.  Access is now available to almost everyone.  In addition to individual homes, offices of parents or friends, homes of friend's, free access is now available in schools (public, community colleges, colleges and universities), in libraries, and in some community centers.  In the “old” days, education was by tutor.  In the 19th century learning was important, and one room school houses graduated kids with their 8th grade education.  Universal public education, K-12, is a phenomenon of the 20th century.  The Internet “brings back” the tutors so sorely needed.
My Recommendation of BEST Internet Portal with great info/search links

1.   Recommended portal to the Internet:  One of the best list of links for research, information, and major magazines/newspapers and their columnists, internet info, business info, etc.  Also check out past highlighted sites in its "corner archive".  Use it as your portal or as a favorite bookmark so you can get back to it easily as you need/want to.  I use it as my opening home page, my portal to the Internet.  There is also “JournalistExpress,” “LawyerExpress,” “LogisticsExpress,” and “MDExpress.
Web Tutorial (how to use it, what the various parts are)

Homework Help page:  just launched in December 2000

3.  BEST Set of Educational Ed LinksO One Site:  Ceo Express, launched in December 2000
The "the best of the best" resources for schools, homes, students, teachers, parents, administrators:  a Dyno-mite list.  Imagine the great gain for students at home and at schools (add this site on class and school web pages, along with syllabi, assignments, other course content sites:
Other Home work sites by level (El, Mid,HS/College) and the by subject or by subject only

Note:  #4 and #5 now open as Big Chalk, “powered by Homework Central”):
   4. [you can subscribe to weekly free Email of 8
   5.    [El, MS, HS, College sites]
   6. [El, MS, HS, teacher aids; class web
  pages; shopping]
   7.   [El, MS, HS sites; I served on original
  Educational Advisory Board; bought by
  Britannica, it is now under Apple]
   8. Tudorials organized by subject.  “…the
  largest Web index and search engine
  dedicated to bringing you the best of the
  Web's tutorials and online courses.”
   9.    A subscription service (one time use for
  $9.95, one month use for $19.95, use for a
  year for $149.95).  Has books to use in
  reseaching, enables copying exerpts into
  your paper and automatically setting up
  footnotes and bibliography; also
  highlight/markup/store notes on line.
10.    [Many ed sites, by subject]
11. [type in your question, get an answer] (2/01: 
  down for now)
12.  and  
13.   Free encyclopedia! Newly updated and
  expanded with more than 50,000 articles
plus links giving you access to millions of
  articles and pictures in Electric Library, puts tons of information
  right at your fingertips. It's free, quick and
14.   electronic books over the Internet, both free
  and those by subscription of $29.95/year
15. Project Guttenberg: [search by author and title all
  books with expired copyright (early 20th
  century and back to earliest know writings of
16.   National School Boards Association
17.  For teachers (lesson plans),
  students (sites listed by class subject),
  parents (helping with learning at home).
  18.  Applied: (space foundation) and To follow NASA shuttle missions, and  for pictures from satellites, with commentary.
“Tools, resources and programs to achieve targeted goals in math, science and technology.”
Research, Writing, English, Grammar sites
  22.  The Grammar Lady: FAQ;s (Frequently Asked Questions) about basic grammar, spelling rules, etc.
  23.  Online English Grammar:The Web 66 Registry of Educational Sites: (best collection for HS English teachers):
  24. A fee service ($149.95/year; 19.95 for one month; $14.95 for 48 hours) which may revolutionize term paper writing. As it says to its potential subscribers, “If you have a paper due, you need Questia:  Never create another footnote or bibliography, Questia does it automatically; Highlight and make notes online; Search tens of thousands of volumes by keyword, topic, author, or phrase. 
Link from home by going to the WHS home page:

25.  PROQUEST (full text of magazine and newspaper articles.  1st time acct #:  86JNB7MKW9
  Password:  welcome)
26.  Facts on File (a data base.  Logoin at wilhslib password = facts
Text book purchasing
27.   [for buying text books]
List of the major U.S. Educational Associations, each with many with GREAT SITE LISTS

  29.    [click on "company info", then click on "alliances"]
For Teaching Using the Internet AND for Web Based Projects

Best combination:  Each class with web page:  syllabus, homework & test schedule; 12 links.
See also above,   and  
Spiritual site

  31.   Great reviews (movies/music/culture).  Great discussion questions.  Wonderful spiritual practices.  Subscribe free to twice weekly "soul boosters".