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23.  List of Ten Contemporary Theses, by Carl. E.W.L. Dahlstrom
Thesis #1:  The American Young Are Ours
Thesis #1:  Responsibilitiy is Multiple
Thesis #3:  Two or More Monologues Do Not Make a Dialogue
Thesis #4:  The American Young Will Have to Understand That Education is a Privilege
Thesis #5:  The Modern Revolution Has Been in Progress For More Than 200 Years
Thesis #6:  G = c(a/b)
Thesis #7:  Without a moral consensuc, a society will waver more or less disastrously between anarchy and despotism
Thesis #8:  A better tension must be attained between historical thinking and an historical thinking
Thesis #9:  There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.  To me it is a prison.