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APPENDICES A – F: Information background, attached, as noted below

  • Appendix A: The College Football Stadium "Arms Race" (A Positive NFL Parallel)
  • Appendix B: Trends Supporting The Model of This Proposal
  • Appendix C: Bringing Needed Enjoyment and Enchantment to the Community Ú
  • Appendix D: Examples of Team Value Rankings
  • Appendix E: Rationale Behind Player Compensation Section, II.B.
  • Appendix F: The "Four Corners" Approach to Building Community Support

APPENDICES G – M: Tools, summarized only, not attached

  • Appendix G: Utilizing Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) & Handling Minority Issue Management (MIM)
  • Appendix H: Model of 10 Competitive Analysis Components For Long Term Profits
  • Appendix I: Harnessing the Internet to Save Ten’s of Millions in Operations Costs
  • Appendix J: Establishing a Team Navigational Web Portal: commercial, informational, for brand building, solidifying fan base and service, and generating on-going revenue with corporate sponsors and an IPO; with two sides: free (for any one, with auto responders and Email newsletter) and subscription (log on with user ID and password)
  • Appendix K: 40 Models of Communications (Print/Broadcast/Internet/PR)
  • Appendix L: 14 Models of Conflict Resolution For Use in Institutional Or Wider Area Stakeholder Process To Bring Resolution and Consensus
  • Appendix M: Table of Contents, "Lists and Recipes for Success", featuring management as coaching and leading, not dictating and coercing, for goal setting/achieving, and overcoming adversity to succeed (use with Appendices K & L)